A mysterious zombie virus that suddenly spread around the world
The streets are full of the dead, and survivors are thrown into extreme fear and confusion.

You must make choices to survive in an unfamiliar city full of
strangers and zombies that have taken over the city.
Who will you trust and who will you turn your back on? In a moment of desperation,

The choice for survival
begins in this ruined land.
OPEN-WORLD A vast open world
realized with
high-quality graphics

An open world composed of various terrains and new natural environments offers fresh excitement and anticipation of exploration.

Extreme environments, choices for survival

To survive, players will encounter villagers with different abilities.
Protect yourself from danger by growing with the villagers, also known as the defenders of the shelter, and strong combat reinforcements.

SHELTER Shelters to defend
against zombie and human attacks

In order to survive endless battles, looting, and depletion of resources, we create a shelter where production, supplies, and rest are possible.


LONETREE TUNNEL is a co-op mode where survivors defend against waves after waves of zombies. Survive to the end through strategic cooperative play against increasingly powerful zombies.


BIELLI ISLAND is a PVP area where competitors gather to acquire supplies. Fight for survival on this snowy island of Alaska.


Once a famous tourist destination on the west coast, HOLITORE is now a place where scarce supplies can be obtained and only the strong make it out. Protect the caravan and survive against fierce enemies to get the best resources.